The ComplianceWise integrity checklist

04 December 2016

What does it mean to have integrity? How should you behave? And what does it bring you? Our short checklist will tell you.

This checklist has been made especially for the week of integrity. But of course, applies for the other 51 weeks too.

Be Loyal

Being loyal means giving trust to others and being reliable yourself; it means having loyalty to each other, while remaining true to yourself.

Be incorruptible and credible

Being incorruptible and credible means speaking up for the truth, always, and for everyone. It means remaining your own person and not being easily won over by the arguments of others. And staying credible by making sure your actions always match your words.

Be inviolable

In this case, to be inviolable means that your integrity cannot be compromised. It’s not possible for you to be put under pressure to act or behave in a certain way, especially if it goes against your principles. And it goes without saying that you don’t apply pressure to others in order to influence their actions.

Be impartial and independent

Being impartial and independent, you are not bound completely to one person or organisation. You’re not an exponent of any particular philosophy, or dependent on a third party. Your decisions are made using your own ideas and opinions.

Be careful and transparent

Being clear, open and honest is not always as easy as it seems. For instance, a colleague might say that they don’t understand the reasons you’ve had for taking one action or another, when you think you’ve been completely open about it. It’s good to remember that even though a decision might be carefully considered in advance, it may not be completely obvious how you got there. Transparent behaviour is not always clear.

Be consistent with responsibility

It’s not easy to stay standing under the great pressure that responsibility can bring. But that responsibility doesn’t disappear when you’re alone. In fact, a popular definition of integrity is to always do the right thing, even when nobody is watching. Being consistent with responsibility means staying firm with the objectives set, with respect for the responsibility of others.

Christiaan Dappers


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