Meet Dana our Digital Operations Director

23 juli 2018

ComplianceWise is booming! With the pace we are moving forward and continuously improving our solutions, we have outgrown the status ‘start-up’.


Maintaining the highest standards and focus, are typical challenges for companies that are scaling up. It demands a company to professionalize. At ComplianceWise we are extremely proud of our unique company culture, that’s something we don’t want to compromise on. ComplianceWise was looking for the right fit, a new star to join the team. And finally, there she was, DANA!

Dana Sarlui ComplianceWiseWith Dana, the ComplianceWise team has gained more seniority, which is – now and then – proven to be useful in a group of young, talented and high-spirited people.

Dana joined ComplianceWise this March. With her experience in project-, change management and communications gained at ABN AMRO, ING, and as a consultant at NS, she adds value to the team, and enables quality growth of ComplianceWise.

Now with Dana already a few months onboard, it’s time to share some juicy details…

So Dana, your past working experiences is mainly at large corporate companies, you made a switch to ComplianceWise – a smaller Fintech. What drove you to make that decision?

“I wanted to put my experience and knowledge I gained at working at those large organizations into practice. Working hands-on, having direct impact, and making a difference!

For companies, it’s a big challenge to remain scalable and adaptable at the same time. I’m passionate to contribute to ComplianceWise’s development to standardize processes and products, while keeping its flexibility.

We have a wonderful solution that solves a substantial challenge for (large) corporates. We truly make compliance easy. I’m proud to be part of ComplianceWise’s growth, and international expansion.”

We pride ourselves with our unique company culture. What are your findings so far?

“The diversity within the team is great! Everybody is truly driven and committed. There is an informal and fun atmosphere within the team, and the way people work together!”

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Annemarie Muller

Director Client Relations

ComplianceWise’s CW360 can help you easily take control of your AML and compliance obligations, from KYC to transaction monitoring and cashflow management. Not only do we help to reduce the risk of non-compliance costs, but our solution also offers an opportunity to gain valuable business insights that can be used to inform management decisions and support strategic planning.