Privacy Policy

How does ComplianceWise use your personal information?

Why – It is our goal to optimize your experience of our product. By obtaining your feedback we are able to meet your wishes.


What – We will use your email address, name, telephone number and company name to reach you.


How – Using your data we will send you surveys and subscribe you to our mailing list. This way you can easily provide us with valuable feedback.

Using your information we can add value to the following services.

Marketing – Creating marketing materials you can use to promote your business, we want to show that we’re the best. Using your feedback we can show the world your success story.


Lead Generation – We save your data in order to create valuable output for you. We share this output once a month at most when we deem the output relevant and valuable for your interests.


Business opportunities – At times we will share products or services that fit your personal needs.


Development – Implementing your feedback will allow us to improve our product. This way we can add value both ways.


Client experience – In the end, we want to exceed your expectations. Using your input and information, we can make that happen.

How do we protect your personal information?

Purpose – It’s our goal to solely use the information to improve your experience. Your information is our information. We will not use it in any way except to contribute to the aforementioned goals.


Protection – Your information is safe with us. We uphold the same standard of security for your information inside and outside our systems. We will not share your information with any third-parties and our usual data security guidelines apply to this as well.


Questions – To get in touch with ComplianceWise please mail to, or give us a call (+31 20 204 4538).