AIFMD since 2013:
it’s a challenge

  • How to get overview of all the rules that are in scope?
  • How to manage (new) obligations alongside the regular daily activities?
  • How can AIFMD compliancy be demonstrated, and the status of it be overseen?
  • How to optimize collaboration with stakeholders?

Here you go: ComplianceWise 360°

From now on your organization is easily compliant, effective in control and excellent in strategic management, for now and the future.

Easily compliant

We offer depositaries AIFMD compliant procedures and work instructions. Plus an IT application so that users will be accompanied in carrying out these processes timely and in the right manner.

Effective in control

Management will have immediate overview of compliance status through live dashboards. Depositaries will monitor cash flows in real time.

Optimized collaboration

Easy and effective collaboration between fund manager and depositary.

Business continuity

ComplianceWise will offer dedicated on-going service. With our AIMFD counsel powered by Deloitte you will have the best legal support.

Ready for the future in three simple steps

1. Analysis

We analyze your current situation and needs and translate these into a pragmatic project plan.

2. Set up

Together with you we make sure your needs will be translated successfully into ComplianceWise360°.

3. Live

Yes, it’s live. We will make sure your people are trained and get all the support they need to use ComplianceWise360° successfully.

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