Annex IV

AIFMD Annex IV reporting: It’s a challenge

  • Multiple data sources have to be captured, extracted and validated
  • Cumbersome calculations and valuations have to be made
  • Processes have to be integrated in a comprehensive, fast and secure way
  • And reports have to be generated and filed to the appropriate regulator
AIFMD Annex IV Reporting

For example

You may be dealing with the complexity of the AIFMD and demonstrating robust sourcing and managing pricing, valuations and other data sets used for doing the calculations of positions, the exposures and all types of risks.

On top of that, each regulator requires the report in a different format, which for the AIFMs operating in multiple jurisdictions makes life even more complicated. And the time frame for all of this? Just 30 days.

AIFMs to report on wide range of information such as

  • instruments traded
  • AIM’s
  • liquidity
  • borrowings
  • exposures
  • leverage
  • risks – credit, operational, liquidity, counterparty, etc.
  • funding sources
  • geo- and sector focus
  • investment strategies

Our Annex IV reporting solution offers:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly method of input: one-time input of standard information and
    guidance on how to populate the rest
  • Collaboration platform: connecting all stakeholders in the process, across departments
    and units such as risk, compliance, assets, finance, etc.
  • Dashboard-style oversight: for clear and easy overviews in real time
  • Interface with all required data sources: to save time and make sure all required
    information can be captured automatically – from any source or financial system
  • Tools to report and monitor progress: ensuring you keep on top of actions, have a clear
    audit trail and can submit reporting on time – now and in the future
  • Data controls and validation: to prevent the errors which could be associated when
    working with such large amounts of data
  • Templates of all required report formats: easily populating and complying with individual
    country requirements
  • Future-proof reporting platform: guaranteed up-to-date reporting

In control

Simple dashboard functionality provides a complete overview and lets you monitor progress, while in-built reminders make sure you stay on track.


One time input of all standard information, interface with all required sources and the correct jurisdiction template filled in automatically. Things couldn’t be simpler.

Save money

Lower the cost of filling by bringing your reporting in-house, without the need to grow your compliance function.

High quality

The 20 control measures already in place reduce the frequency of data errors and ensure reporting of the highest quality.

Ready for the future in three simple steps

1. Analysis

We analyze your current situation and needs and translate these into a pragmatic project plan.

2. Set up

Together with you we make sure your needs will be translated successfully into ComplianceWise360°.

3. Live

Yes, it’s live. We will make sure your people are trained and get all the support they need to use ComplianceWise360° successfully.

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