Are these challenges familiar to you?

  • Do you know how to control counterparty risks in a growing counterparty database?
  • How to structure all your counterparty information according international legislation?
  • How to demonstrate willingness to external stakeholders?
  • How to stay in control while creating time for your core business?

The answer:
ComplianceWise 360°

From now on you can easily control risks in a huge and growing counterparty file easily. With one click you can demonstrate willingness and compliancy. You stay in control and gain time for your core business.

Easily compliant

By using ComplianceWise360° users will be easily guided to carry out compliance procedures in time and in the right way.

In control

Optimal insights in your organizations risks. Dashboards and clear reports will assist you in keeping oversight in all layers of your organisation.

Optimized collaboration

Collaboration between internal and external stakeholders. Flexible connections with other systems (CRM, sanctionlist screening, Swift) and dedicated service & support by ComplianceWise.

Business continuity

ComplianceWise will assist you in creating a high quality compliance infrastructure, for now and for the future.

Ready for the future in three simple steps

1. Analysis

We analyze your current situation and needs and translate these into a pragmatic projectplan.

2. Set up

Together with you we make sure your needs will be translated succesfully into Compliancewise360°.

3. Live

Yes, it’s live. We will make sure your people will be trained and get all the service they need to use Compliancewise360° succesfully.

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