Introducing Jens Holzhäuser and our new office

23 May 2018

With our expanding footprint in Europe, it was a natural step to set-up shop in Luxembourg. ComplianceWise already had an existing fanbase in the Grand Duchy and now with an office locally, it’s our mission to make compliancy easy again all over Luxembourg!

Introducing Jens

Heading up our new operation will be Jens Holzhäuser, formerly of Luxembourg Investment Solutions (‘LIS’), who oversaw the firm’s AIFMD reporting (Annex IV) and the optimization of their internal processes. Around this time, Christiaan (our CEO) introduced ComplianceWise to LIS. Impressed by our practical market knowledge and flexibility, LIS implemented ComplianceWise’s reporting tool. By doing so they successfully streamlined their reporting process and increased efficiency for their quarterly reporting – all without the involvement of an external service provider. LIS and ComplianceWise were (and still are) a perfect match!

And it seems that Jens and Christiaan had even more in common, both are passionate about wine and now – afterhours – run a wine shop together with some other friends. With Jens focusing on Mosel wines – the region where he grew-up – and Christiaan on importing wines from small independent wine farmers across Europe.

The perfect opportunity!

As you probably imagine, having Jens involved in our Luxembourg expansion was almost a no-brainer. Jens was impressed with ComplianceWise’s young and dynamic team, and was extremely enthusiastic about a potential collaboration in Luxembourg. It was, after all, the perfect opportunity to share his experience of ComplianceWise’s tooling with the rest of Luxembourg… and so his enthusiasm was realised.

We’re extremely proud to have Jens involved in the set-up of ComplianceWise Luxembourg!

So Jens, tell us… What do you hope the future will bring you and our Luxembourg office?

“It took us a couple of months to set the foundations for opening up the office in Luxembourg. Now it’s up and running, and I can’t wait to start servicing current clients and look for new business opportunities.

In the beginning I will do this with the support of my Dutch colleagues. But in the near future we’ll expand the team here In Luxembourg, so more people will join me in our mission.

Having an impact on the Luxembourg market is our goal. And with the solutions and mission of ComplianceWise ‘to make compliance as easy as possible’, we will achieve it,  and show Luxembourg just how easy compliance can be!”

Want to meet-up with Jens at our Luxembourg office, or invite him for a coffee to demo our solutions? Get in touch!

Annemarie Muller

Director Client Relations

ComplianceWise’s CW360 can help you easily take control of your AML and compliance obligations, from KYC to transaction monitoring and cashflow management. Not only do we help to reduce the risk of non-compliance costs, but our solution also offers an opportunity to gain valuable business insights that can be used to inform management decisions and support strategic planning.